E.1027 reviewed by Julia Felsen­thal in Vogue. Read more here (http://www NULL.vogue NULL.com/13289757/eileen-gray-sheftel-gallery/).



E.1027 in Pur­ple Mag­a­zine. Read more here (http://purple NULL.fr/diary/e-1027-a-group-show-con%C2%ADsid%C2%ADer%C2%ADing-eileen-grays-mod%C2%ADernist-villa-e-1027-at-joe-sheftel-gallery-new-york/).

The Memphis Group Reexamined on Blouin Art Info


Mag­gie Liu Clin­ton, Leo Koenig and Joe Shef­tel dis­cuss The Mem­phis Group in a video fea­ture on Blouin Art Info. Watch the video here (http://www NULL.blouinart­info NULL.com/news/story/1075549/the-memphis-group-re-examined).

Architectural Digest reviews The Memphis Group

architectural-digest-logo (http://www NULL.archi­tec­turaldigest NULL.com/ad/art/2014/memphis-group-exhibition-article)
Archi­tec­tural Digest on The Mem­phis Group at Joe Shef­tel and Koenig & Clin­ton here (http://www NULL.archi­tec­turaldigest NULL.com/ad/art/2014/memphis-group-exhibition-article).

The Memphis Group reviewed in The New York Times


nytimes (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.com/2014/12/26/arts/design/the-memphis-group NULL.html?_r=1)
Ken John­son reviews The Mem­phis Group in the New York Times. Read the arti­cle here (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.com/2014/12/26/arts/design/the-memphis-group NULL.html?_r=1).

Hyperallergic: Pat de Groot’s 11 Paintings at Joe Sheftel Gallery

(http://hyperallergic NULL.com/137101/a-slice-of-pie-a-painting-of-the-sea/)

Thomas Mic­chelli vis­its 11 Paint­ings, Pat de Groot’s recent solo show at Joe Shef­tel. Read the arti­cle here (http://hyperallergic NULL.com/137101/a-slice-of-pie-a-painting-of-the-sea/).

Artforum Review: Gary Kuehn’s Postures at Joe Sheftel Gallery

Julian Rose reviews Pos­tures, Gary Kuehn’s recent solo show at Joe Shef­tel. Read the review here.

Alex Da Corte: 500 Words

(http://artforum NULL.com/words/id=42098)

Alex Da Corte on Fun Sponge at ICA Port­land, Maine in Art­fo­rum’s 500 Words. As told to Annie God­frey Lar­mon. Link here (http://artforum NULL.com/words/#entry42098l).

Alex Da Corte: Fun Sponge on Art Blog Art Blog

(http://joshuaabelow NULL.blogspot NULL.com/2013/07/alex-da-corte-fun-sponge-institute-of NULL.html)

On view through August 4, 2013
ICA Port­land, Maine
Images here (http://joshuaabelow NULL.blogspot NULL.com/2013/07/alex-da-corte-fun-sponge-institute-of NULL.html).

Judith Braun on ArtLyst

(http://www NULL.artlyst NULL.com/articles/judith-braun-an-act-of-investigation-through-drawing)

Judith Braun: May I Draw fea­tured on ArtLyst. Link here (http://www NULL.artlyst NULL.com/articles/judith-braun-an-act-of-investigation-through-drawing).

Judith Braun in Hyperallergic

(http://hyperallergic NULL.com/68985/lines-of-spontaneous-jagged-contours/)

Judith Braun: May I Draw reviewed on Hyper­al­ler­gic. Link here (http://hyperallergic NULL.com/68985/lines-of-spontaneous-jagged-contours/).

Alex Da Corte in Whitewall

(http://whitewallmag NULL.com/all/art/moving-image-alex-da-cortes-true-life)

Judith Braun in the New York Times

(http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.com/2013/04/05/arts/design/judith-braun-may-i-draw NULL.html?ref=arts&_r=0)

Judith Braun: May I Draw reviewed by Roberta Smith in the New York Times. Link here (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.com/2013/04/05/arts/design/judith-braun-may-i-draw NULL.html?ref=arts&_r=0/).

Matthew Watson in Art in America

(http://www NULL.arti­nameri­ca­m­agazine NULL.com/news-opinion/news/2013–02-04/matthew-watson-joe-sheftel/)

Read Art in Amer­ica’s review of Matthew Watson’s paint­ing show Commission|Barter|For Sale online here (http://www NULL.arti­nameri­ca­m­agazine NULL.com/news-opinion/news/2013–02-04/matthew-watson-joe-sheftel/).

Cindy Hinant in Art in America

Read Aimee Walleston’s review of Cindy Hinant: Aes­thetic Rela­tions in the Feb­ru­ary 2013 issue of Art in Amer­ica. PDF here.


(http://artforum NULL.com/archive/id=37837)

Read Frank Expósito on Deep Space (insides), curated by Karen Archey, in Art­fo­rum’s Crit­ics’ Picks (http://artforum NULL.com/archive/id=37837).

In The Pink Review at Hyperallergic

Read Susan Silas’ review of In The Pink at Hyper­al­ler­gic (http://hyperallergic NULL.com/53296/in-the-pink-joe-sheftel-gallery/).

Alex Da Corte in Still House’s HERE COMES

(http://enterstillhouse NULL.com/)

Alex Da Corte will show with The Still House Group in Here Comes (http://www NULL.arti­nameri­ca­m­agazine NULL.com/news-opinion/news/2012–06-22/still-house-mark-fletcher/). June 28 to July 27, 2012 at 24 Wash­ing­ton Square North (http://enterstillhouse NULL.com/).

Artforum critics’ pick: First Among Equals at ICA Philadelphia, featuring “SCENE TAKE SIX” by Alex Da Corte

Interview Magazine Exclusive Video Premiere: Spank Rock and Alex Da Corte, ‘A Season in Hell’

(http://www NULL.inter­view­magazine NULL.com/music/spank-rock-alex-da-corte-a-season-in-hell#_)

March 2, 2012: Gallerist NY

Open­ings: Alex Da Corte’s New York Solo Debut at Joe Shef­tel Gallery. (http://www NULL.gal­leristny NULL.com/2012/03/alex-da-cortes-new-york-solo-debut-at-joe-sheftel-gallery/)

February 29, 2012: Art Info

Joe Shef­tel Gallery, the Lower East Side’s Newest Art Space, Debuts With Sham­poo Paint­ings (http://artinfo NULL.com/news/story/761394/joe-sheftel-gallery-the-lower-east-sides-newest-art-space-debuts-with-shampoo-paintings)

February 16, 2012: Huffington Post

(http://www NULL.huff­in­g­ton­post NULL.com/2012/02/16/alex-da-cortes-shampoo-paintings_n_1282401 NULL.html)
Alex Da Corte’s Sham­poo Paint­ings (http://www NULL.huff­in­g­ton­post NULL.com/2012/02/16/alex-da-cortes-shampoo-paintings_n_1282401 NULL.html)

February 2, 2012: Art in America

The Look­out: A Weekly Guide to Shows You Won’t Want to Miss. (http://www NULL.arti­nameri­ca­m­agazine NULL.com/news-opinion/finer-things/2012–02-02/the-lookout-02022112/)